Pastor Mike Chastain & Joanne

Mike grew up in Savannah, Georgia.  He became a Christian while a cadet at The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina in Charleston.  He received training from the Navigators and as a new Christian quickly came to have concern for the souls of men and a zeal that God is worshipped in the way the Scriptures teach.  While working for a number of years as a teacher and firefighter in Charleston, Mike supported the work of the local church through leading evangelism teams, teaching bible studies and being involved in discipleship.  Through one of these evangelism efforts, Joanne, the woman who was to become his wife, was led to the Lord, and he taught her in Bible study for years.  He jokingly says that she was his best student so she got the prize…him!  Mike and Joanne married in 1981 and when he  finally finished seminary, Mike had earned three master’s degrees.  He served as a pastor and church planter in the Mid-Atlantic for twenty-one years and moved back to his hometown of Savannah in August of 2009.  Mike and Joanne have been blessed with eight children.  In addition, God has given Mike and Joanne five grandchildren and statistically they can look forward to many more! 

Who We Are​

Our Congregation

Southbridge Community Church is a wonderful, welcoming collection of folks from across Savannah who desire to come together in worship of the One true God and as an expression of the Body of Jesus Christ as his servants.