What will you say? 

1.  Have you ever come to the place in your life where you knew for certain where you will go when you die?

2.  If you died tonight and came before God and He asked you, "Why should I let you into My heaven?"  

what will you say?  

Take five minutes to look at this presentation that gives you the answers!


  Call us and let us think through these life questions with you.  We would love to.

Nail Down the Answers to

Two Vital Questions

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Resisting the Devil
Pastor Mike Chastain
1 Peter 5
We all have a real enemy - the devil. He is more active in your life than you can imagine. He is in unrelenting pursuit to devour you, hinder you, and attack all that is precious to God. He promises peace and pays with strife. Promises honor and pays with disgrace. This sermon tells you how to resist the devil. Don't let him deceive you.





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"We have been attending Southbridge Community Church since its first service.  All have made us feel so welcome.  Mike, Joanne, and others showered us with love, concern, and prayers.  We love the services and the messages because they are based on the Scriptures, and we celebrate Communion every Sunday.  The music is excellent and the location is great."​            

                    Henry and Eloise Harris

                           Southbridge Resident

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